Launching a Second Career as a Truck Driver

These days, few people work for just one company for 40 years before retiring. If you’re starting to think about transforming your life and launching your second career, consider whether hitting the open road as a professional truck driver might be right for you. There’s considerable appeal in taking up the trucking trade later in life. It all starts with a visit to a truck driving school, which can offer accelerated programs to get you on the road faster.

The Appeal of the Open Road

Most people who gravitate toward a career in an 18-wheeler are struck by a sense of wanderlust. They’re weary of working in a cubicle, staring at a computer for eight hours a day. As a professional truck driver, your mobile “office” will give you plenty of sunshine and fresh air. You’ll meet new people every day, and you’ll see new sights virtually every minute of your shift. Becoming a truck driver is the perfect opportunity to get better acquainted with the many natural and man-made wonders of North America.

The Perks of Being an Older Truck Driver

Another fantastic reason for choosing truck driving as a second career is that, at this point in your life, your family is probably a bit more flexible. If your kids are already grown and out of the house, then it’s easier to pick up OTR work—those long, multi-day trips around the country. This is likely one reason why more women are choosing truck driving as a second career later in life.

The Skills that Transfer to the Trucking Industry

It’s hard to beat truck driving as a second career, since so many skills readily transfer to the industry. This is especially true of military veterans, who understand how to think on their feet, make quick decisions, and take directions. Even if you’ve been in an office for much of your working life, your organizational skills will come in handy when completing the required compliance paperwork.

Whatever your background is, you can begin your second career as a professional truck driver at Yuma Truck Driving School in Arizona. We’re proud to accept GI Bill educational benefits, and we have a long history of working with military veterans and their families. Call us today at (888) 647-3239.

How Truckers Can Fight Fatigue

It’s often thought that drunk driving is the most hazardous thing you can do behind the wheel. But actually, driving while fatigued can be just as dangerous, which is why CDL holders are subjected to rigorous hour regulations. Always remember that you can and should pull over if you find yourself getting drowsy, even if you aren’t due up for a break yet.

Following Good Sleep Hygiene

Your sleep hygiene consists of all the practices you use to get a good night’s sleep. From your choice of pillow to the air temperature, every factor can make a big difference for the amount and quality of sleep you get. First, try to settle in for the evening and wake up at the same times each day. Turn on a source of white noise or put in earplugs to reduce outside noises. If light is problematic, try wearing an eye mask. And don’t forget to turn off your electronic devices at least an hour before hitting the hay!

Taking Regular Breaks

Getting seven to eight hours of quality sleep each night is the most important way to fight fatigued driving. However, you can also take regular breaks to prevent daytime fatigue. About every two hours, pull over at a rest station. Take a brisk walk around the area, stretch your major muscle groups, and get some fresh air.

Staying Well-Hydrated

Did you know that dehydration can make you feel drowsy? Stay hydrated with good old-fashioned water, and perhaps the occasional coffee. Aim to drink enough water to keep your urine colorless or very lightly colored. If your urine is dark, you’re already dehydrated.

Fueling Up with Healthy Foods

It can be tempting to grab fast food, but this tends to be full of simple carbohydrates that will leave you feeling tired quickly. Instead, look for healthier options on the menu. Or, bring along some simple kitchen supplies and ingredients so that you can prepare your own healthy meals and snacks.

Yuma Truck Driving School graduates conscientious, fully prepared truckers who are ready to pursue a lucrative career as a CDL holder. Call (888) 647-3239 today to find out about enrolling in our upcoming truck driving training programs!