Tips for Customizing Your Rig

When you’ve passed your CDL test and gotten your first trucking job, you’ll have the opportunity to customize your rig. Although there are countless ways you can do this, you might want to consider starting with a new steering wheel, a sleeping area, and reminders of home. Read on for a closer look at these tips.

Choose a New Wheel

Along with being safe, staying comfortable is of paramount importance as a truck driver. Since you’ll spend a great deal of time on the road, a minor discomfort can become excruciating over time. This is why you should consider customizing your steering wheel right away. Your factory steering wheel might not be so comfortable, which can bring about all kinds of problems, from blisters on your fingers to difficulty controlling your vehicle. A more ergonomic steering wheel will keep you physically comfortable and mentally confident.

Set Up a Sleeping Area

Since being safe and comfortable is so important on the road, you should be sure to get an adequate amount of rest. Proper sleep will keep you alert and your reflexes ready, which are both crucial when driving. Although you’ll likely spend your nights in hotels, it helps to have a sleeping area in your truck as well. If you have room for it, this area can let you catch up on some sleep if you find that you’re too tired to keep going safely.

Bring Mementos Along

It’s easy to get homesick, which is why some truck drivers like to bring mementos along with them during their excursions. Pictures of family members, friends, and events that you hold dear can remind you of home and keep you motivated on the road.

You won’t start customizing your rig until you’ve earned your commercial driver’s license, so contact Yuma Truck Driving School to learn what you need to know. Feel free to check out our website or call us at (888) 647-3239 for a look at our services.

Unique Roadside Attractions You’ll See As a Truck Driver

One of the best parts about being a truck driver is the variety of types of scenery you’ll see throughout your travels. If you want to make it a point to stop by interesting attractions while you’re out on the road, look them up in advance. Here are a few unique roadside attractions you’ll see as a truck driver, if you keep an eye out while you’re in the area.

Mummies of the Insane

You’ve heard about mummification, but you probably associate it with ancient times. You can, however, witness mummified remains from 1888 if you head to the right roadside attraction. Philippi, West Virginia is home to Mummies of the Insane, which is a roadside attraction that lets you view the preserved remains of two corpses. In the late 19th century, the West Virginia Hospital for the Insane sold these corpses so that they could be embalmed and preserved. If you pass through Philippi, consider stopping by.

Cardiff Giant

The Baseball Hall of Fame isn’t the only thing to appreciate about Cooperstown, New York—the town also houses the Cardiff Giant, which was built in the mid-19th century. An inspired experimenter read about underground giants in the Bible, and he decided to create and bury a stone giant. When it was discovered, he made a great deal of money charging people to witness what they thought was proof of their religious text.

Chief Crazy Horse Memorial

The Chief Crazy Horse Memorial can be found in Crazy Horse, South Dakota. This roadside attraction depicts Chief Crazy Horse’s head, and it is carved in massive fashion into the mountainside. If you thought Mount Rushmore was special, wait until you see this.

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