America’s Most Beautiful Scenic Highways

It’s no secret that America is full of beautiful sights—many of which can be seen from the road. One of the reasons why many people become truck drivers is so they can embark on countless adventures and see all that this great country has to offer. Here are just a few of America’s most beautiful scenic highways—they might just be enough to convince you that a career in trucking is for you.

Utah’s Route 12

A trip along Utah’s State Route 12 can give you an excellent glimpse of Utah’s geologic wonders. Also known as the “A Journey Through Time Scenic Byway,” Highway 12 goes through Bryce Canyon National Park and Dixie National Forest, and offer breathtaking views along its 122-mile stretch.

North Shore Drive

If you ever find yourself up north, you have to cruise along Northeastern Minnesota’s North Shore Drive. This road starts in Duluth, then winds northeast along the awe-inspiring Lake Superior. The North Shore Drive is characterized by unspoiled wilderness, views of the Sawtooth Mountains, and glimpses of Minnesota’s historic lighthouses.

U.S. 1, Florida Keys

As a truck driver, you may have occasion to visit The Florida Keys, which are located on the southern tip of Florida. These islands are ensconced in dazzling blue waters, and are connected by U.S. Highway 1. While you’re down there, you could drive across 7 Mile Bridge, one of the longest bridges in the world.

Blue Ridge Parkway

Those who visit Virginia and the Carolinas can’t miss the exquisite Blue Ridge Parkway, which winds through the Great Smoky Mountains and Shenandoah national parks. This highway is full of scenic overlooks, multicolored trees, and dozens of unique bird species—not bad for a day’s work.

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What Is It Really Like to Be a Truck Driver?

Here at the HDL Truck Driving Institute, we pride ourselves on providing marketable lifelong skills and nationally recognized truck driving training. However, driving professionally is as much a lifestyle as it is a career, and rookie drivers can easily be caught by surprise if they don’t know what to expect from the job. Below is a closer look at life on the road.

Trip Planning

Most drives don’t simply “drop and hook” a trailer and follow nearest highway signs to their destination. Inclement weather, accidents, and rush hour traffic jams all affect the schedule and potentially waste hundreds of dollars. Expect to spend time looking at traffic, accident, and weather alerts and plotting the route around weigh stations and roads that do not allow large trucks.

Work Schedule

Your actual work schedule may vary significantly depending on whether you focus on local or regional deliveries or long haul drives. Local truckers may spend all of their time on the I-10 or I-8 and be back home every night, but long haul drivers may be on the road for a full week and have several days off in between. Safety is a paramount concern, so drivers often have to schedule time around the Department of Transportation time clock to avoid any violations.


A driver’s wages can be determined in many ways, but most companies pay by the mile for rookie drivers. This means that time wasted in loading docks or stuck in traffic usually translates to less earnings. However, how many miles you actually drive in a day doesn’t always determine your take-home pay; many companies use software to calculate “practical miles” between area codes, which usually averages out over time but may not always reflect the actual distance you drive.

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How Do I Pay For Trucking School?

If you’re thinking of switching careers, you might consider earning your CDL and becoming a professional truck driver. You’ll find that truck driving school can be exciting and rewarding. However, you may have a difficult time paying for trucking school while supporting your family. Fortunately, there are several ways you can pay for your truck driving education.

Student Loans

If you can’t collect enough tuition money from your family members or personal savings, you might consider student loans. If you’re willing to visit various financial institutions, you may find a student loan that’s worth pursuing. Student loans are advantageous for aspiring truck drivers because they typically have low interest rates. Once you land a good job in the trucking industry, you should be able to repay your trucking school dues in a hurry.

Financial Aid

Another way to obtain funding for trucking school is to explore your financial aid options. If you contact the trucking school admissions representatives in a timely manner, you can have a much easier time coming up with the necessary funds. For instance, HDS Truck Driving Institute can match qualified individuals with Arizona trucking companies. If you get pre-hired with one of these companies, you can have up to 100% of your tuition costs covered.

GI Bill

HDS Truck Driving School is honored to serve those who have bravely served our country. If you have recently been on active duty in the U.S. military, you can fund your Arizona CDL classes with GI Bill Educational Benefits. Our Arizona driving school also offers reduced tuition for those in the U.S. Army Reserve or National Guard. If you are the dependent or spouse of a deceased veteran or active duty soldier, you won’t have to pay as much for CDL classes.

Paying for your truck driving education can be simple if you’re willing to go through the proper channels. If you have any questions about paying for tuition, call HDS Truck Driving Institute’s Tucson location at (520) 622-0419 or our Phoenix location at (602) 484-7901. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you receive the CDL education you’re looking for.

What It Takes To Be a Truck Driver

Truck drivers get to see the country and enjoy the freedom of the open road. Still, truck driving isn’t for everyone; before you apply for truck driving school in Tucson or Phoenix, it’s important that you have a realistic view of the transportation industry and what it takes to be a part of it. If you satisfy the below criteria, consider speaking with a representative at HDS Truck Driving Institute.

Drive and Stamina

To succeed in the trucking industry, you need to have the strength and resolve to get through truck driving school and land a job with a trucking company. After a few years on the road, you may have enough money and experience to become an owner operator. Life on the road can be challenging for some; still, if you can handle long hours by yourself and long stretches away from home, you could be a great truck driver.

Good Driving Record

Trucking companies only want excellent drivers with at least one year of driving experience and a clean driving record. Good drivers can be trusted with cargo while keeping themselves and other drivers safe on the road. It’s okay if you have a few parking tickets, but if you have any more serious charges on your record—a DUI, for example—then you might consider a different line of work.

Commercial Driver’s License

No one can operate a large commercial vehicle without first obtaining a Commercial Driver’s License. Before you can earn your CDL, you need to attend truck driving school. At a Tucson or Phoenix CDL school, you’ll learn everything you need to pass the written and practical exams. Once you obtain your CDL, your truck driving school should be able to help you find a good job in the industry.

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