What You Don’t Know About Being a Professional Trucker

Many people have a preconceived notion about what it means to be a professional truck driver. If you are interested in breaking into the industry, though, you should learn more about the job and what it entails. Keep reading to expand your knowledge of the world of truck driving and find out why drivers do the things they do:

They Abide by Company Speed Limits

You may have noticed that trucks tend to match speed with each other while driving on the highway. Although this might be frustrating for people driving in cars, the drivers are following company protocol. Most truck companies have a maximum speed limit of 65 MPH, which they regulate with a computerized system. If the drivers went any faster, they would be breaking their company’s rules.

They Have to Make Wide Turns

When someone is driving a large truck, they have no visibility in their mirrors when they start to make a right turn. Because of this, most drivers choose to take wider turns so they can avoid hitting curbs and poles.

They Try to Signal Other Drivers

Truck drivers can see a lot of the road in front of them and they sometimes try to inform other drivers of upcoming hazards or obstructions. A truck driver will often turn on his or her turn signal when they are next to another car to give the car the signal to either speed up or slow down. If you pay more attention to what truck drivers are doing, it can help you be prepared for potential hazards on the road.

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Types of Road Hazards Truckers Should Look Out For

Even the best drivers are susceptible to certain road hazards that could lead to a dangerous situation. If you are interested in attending truck-driving school, it is important to understand the different types of hazards you might encounter while on the road so you are always prepared for anything you might encounter:


Whether you are driving after a bad storm or a bad accident, road debris can create a huge hazard for truck drivers and the vehicles around them. Garbage, the remnants of a blown-out tire, or even road kill could create a potentially dangerous situation on the road. When driving a truck, it is important to pay attention to what is in front of your vehicle so you have a chance to spot debris early and find a way to avoid it.

Bad Road Conditions

Potholes and other bad road conditions like uneven lanes are major driving hazards. Unfortunately, it is often hard to see these hazards until you are right on top of them. Try to abide by the speed limit and pay attention to other drivers to do what you can to avoid hazards like these.


Trucks are wide, heavy vehicles that are difficult to maneuver quickly. Pedestrians, children, and even animals are huge potential hazards for truck drivers. If you are driving near any pedestrians or children, you should slow down so you have time to react if they suddenly move in front of your vehicle. Although it might be your instinct to swerve to avoid animals, that action might lead to a serious accident.

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The Labor Shortage in the Trucking Industry

If you are looking for a career with plenty of job security, you might want to consider becoming a professional truck driver. Keep reading to learn more about the labor shortage in the industry and how it can help you break into the field.

Major Labor Shortages

The American Trucking Association has determined that the industry is short by about 30,000 drivers. Because of this, about 90 percent of trucking carriers have reported problems finding enough drivers to meet their criteria from the Department of Transportation (DOT). This means that you can complete your time in truck-driving school and have an incredibly good chance of finding a job right away.

A Lot of Turnover

A lot of companies are having trouble holding onto their drivers. If they can find someone to operate their vehicles, they often have a turnover rate that reaches as high as 92 percent. The trucking industry felt the full force of the financial crisis and they are still trying to replenish their fleet of drivers. If you complete your training at a quality CDL school, you have a great chance of getting a job you will love.

Plans to Invest in Drivers

Since trucking companies are having such a hard time finding people to operate their vehicles, many of the larger carriers are planning to invest more in their drivers. Now is a great time to apply to truck driving school and break into the industry so you can reap the benefits of this labor shortage and find job security for yourself.

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Reasons to Become a Part of the Trucking Industry

Driving a truck might seem like a solo job, but it is actually a career that thrusts you into the center of a bustling industry. If you are thinking about changing career paths, completing truck-driving school can bring you the following job benefits:


When you drive a truck, you have the choice between a few different schedule options that fit with your lifestyle. You can opt for long-distance driving jobs that take you across the country or choose to work for local business that needs you to transport items to a nearby location. Working in the trucking industry means you have more control over your schedule so you can live the life you want.

Job Security

Companies always need qualified drivers to handle their trucking needs. If you complete CDL school, you should always be able to find a job as a truck driver. Join the trucking industry to become a part of a field that will give you the job security that you need for your desired lifestyle.

Access to Interesting People

If you love to meet new, interesting people, becoming a part of the trucking industry will be a great next step for you. When your job requires you to travel to new places, it gives you the chance to interact with new and interesting people that can show you things and sights that you have never before seen.

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Do You Know Your Blind Spots?

In order to be a good driver in any kind of vehicle, you must be aware of what is happening around you at all times. Truck drivers have more blind spots than cars, which makes it even more important to pay attention to other drivers. Use this guide to learn more about blind spots in trucks and how to avoid them:

Trucks Have Large Blind Spots

Although truck drivers have big mirrors that allow them to see in many directions, they also have a few large blind spots that can create hazardous situations with other drivers. There are two large blind spots on either side of the truck as well as one in the front and one at the rear of the vehicle. If you are driving a truck, it is imperative to pay attention to how many other cars are on the road so you can be aware if someone finds their way into a blind spot.

More Mirrors Can Help

Some truck drivers choose to add more mirrors to reduce the amount of blind spots they have while driving. If you are just starting out as a truck driver, you might want to add a few extra mirrors so you have a clear view around the perimeter of the vehicle.

Driving Solutions

If you know that someone is driving in your blind spot, you should try to change your speed so you can see them more clearly. Many truck drivers slow down or change lanes to avoid having cars in their blind spots so they can pay more attention to what is happening on the road around them.

Whether or not you have experience driving a truck, HDS Truck Driving Institute can help you learn more about avoiding cars in your blind spot and other ways to safely operate a larger vehicle. Our Southern Arizona truck driving school allows you to obtain the knowledge you need to become successful in the field. To learn more about our Tucson-area programs, visit us online or call (877) 205-2141.

Did You Know These Trucking Facts?

Before you start learning how to drive a truck in CDL school, you might want to brush up on your industry knowledge so you can prepare for your classes and get more out of your time in school. Did you know?:

Trucking Is a Huge Industry

The trucking industry is a very important part of the American economy. When you combine the trucking companies, the warehouses, and the private sectors, this field creates about 8.9 million jobs. About 3.5 million of these jobs are as truck drivers, so there is plenty of potential for major job security in the industry. Since trucking companies usually clock about 432.9 billion miles in a year, they are always on the lookout for responsible drivers.

The Trucking Industry Brings in a Lot of Money

As a whole, the trucking industry brings in about $255.5 billion. Each company earns a profit of about $0.48 for every $1.00 they collect. Drivers tend to bring in about $.30 cents for every mile they drive, which usually works out to about $32,000 a year. Take advantage of your time in truck driving school to learn the skills you need to start working in a career that helps you earn a living.

Truck Drivers Are Less Likely to Be in Accidents

Contrary to what many people might believe, commercial trucks are only involved in about 2.4 percent of all motor vehicle accidents. In fact, trucks are 3 times less likely to get into a collision than regular vehicles. The other vehicle was responsible for more than 75 percent of the collisions that do occur.

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