Trucker Life: What Happens at Weigh Stations?

When you become a truck driver, you’ll get to know weigh stations intimately. If you haven’t yet started your journey into the industry, you should know what these stations mean for you and if you even need to stop at them at all. Before you enter the trucking life, read on to learn what happens at weigh stations.

What They Are
Roads get us where we need to go, but we have to take care of them as we use them. As strong as they are, roads can only take so much weight and traffic before they’re worn down to the point where they need to be rebuilt. Weigh stations make sure that your vehicle isn’t putting too much pressure on the road. Although there are exceptions, trucks in the United States are typically only allowed to be a total of 80,000 pounds or less including cargo. Weigh stations make sure that drivers adhere to this standard.

Who Needs to Stop
Not everyone needs to stop at weigh stations. If you drive a commercial motor vehicle that doesn’t crack 10,000 pounds, or if you have a PrePass, you might not need to stop at the weigh station. Knowing whether you need to stop will help you anticipate the rest of your route.

How It Works
If you’re driving a truck and you see an open sign at an upcoming weigh station, that means you need to stop there. You’ll typically use a rolling scale, and if your load registers at under 80,000 pounds, you should be allowed to pass through.

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Essential Apps for Truck Drivers

Driving a truck for a living isn’t always easy, but there are a couple of apps that can make the job easier. It’s nice to have all the help you can get when you’re on the road for days at a time, and these apps will take some of the load off. Keep reading and learn about some of the essential apps for truck drivers.

Weigh My Truck
As many exciting things as there are to see on the road, one of the less exciting things is a weigh station. Weigh stations are necessary to protect the roads, but they can be time consuming, which can be a hassle when you’re nearing the end of a long shift of driving. The Weigh My Truck app lets you pay from your phone as you use the scale at the weigh station, so you don’t have to go inside and wait on the line. Then you’ll get an email with your weigh ticket.

The TruckLogics app makes it easier to manage your business, no matter how big or small your fleet is. This app lets you store all your records in the cloud, so you can access them whenever and however you want to. Additionally, you can easily send documents through this app by taking a cellphone picture, uploading it through the app, and emailing it.

Trucker Path Pro
One of the best parts of truck driving is the relationships you’ll develop with other drivers. Trucker Path Pro takes full advantage of these relationships by giving truckers an interactive map that they can share while they’re on their routes.

Modern technology makes life easier and business more streamlined, and the trucking industry is no exception. If you’re looking to make your way into the truck driving industry, Yuma Truck Driving School can get you started. Visit our website or call us at (888) 647-3239 to find out how.