Sleeping Well While on the Road

When you are a long haul truck driver, you can expect to spend many nights travelling on the road. By driving a sleeper truck that offers a range of amenities, you will be able to rest easily in a comfortable bed each night. However, sleeping on the road can require adjustment for brand new truck drivers. To help you remain fresh and rejuvenated behind the wheel, here are some tips for sleeping well while you are out on the road.

Avoid Caffeine and Sugar

During a long drive, it may be tempting to remain alert by drinking caffeinated or sugary beverages. Consuming these substances too close to your bedtime, however, can lead to sleep problems. By switching over to water or non-caffeinated teas in the hours before your bedtime, you can make sure that you are able to rest easily when it is time to turn the lights out.

Get Adequate Exercise

Driving a commercial truck does not require much physical exertion over the miles. To help you sleep well when you are out on the road, however, it is important that you make sure that you get some type of exercise when you are out on a long haul journey. Even taking the time to walk during your rest breaks will help to exercise your body and mind.

Create a Cozy Sleep Environment

If your commercial truck has a sleeping area, you will want to make sure that your sleep environment is as cozy as possible. When you head off to sleep, it is a good idea to adjust the temperature and lighting in your sleeper cab so that you are in a restful environment, all night long.

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A Look at Truck Driving Around the World

If you are considering a career as a truck driver, chances are that you are interested in seeing new places and exploring the countryside. As a truck driver in the United States, you can expect to travel to many different regions throughout our vast country. When you are studying for your CDL, you may be curious to learn more about what it is like to drive a truck in other countries. Here is a quick look at truck driving jobs around the world.


Truck driving is a very common profession in Australia. If you are a commercial truck driver in this country, you are referred to as a truckie. Since cities and towns in Australia are often spread apart, truckies must travel long distances to carry their cargo. Unlike commercial trucks in the United States, Australian trucks often haul three, four, or even up to six trailers at a time.


In Japan, truck drivers display their creativity through the creation of Dekotara trucks. A Dekotara truck is covered in colorful paintings, bright flashing lights, and other decorative features that display the personality of the driver. The Dekotara truck scene in Japan provides truck drivers in this country with a fun outlet for artistic expression.


Truck drivers who work in the remote country of Iceland are treated to breathtaking views along all of their routes. Many of the roads and highways in Iceland are one way passages, so truck drivers must exercise extreme caution when they are transporting their cargo. Iceland is also subject to extreme weather conditions, so truck drivers in Iceland must be ready for slippery, icy, or snowy roads.

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