Take a Look at the Latest Trucking Technology

There are several types of systems and technological advancements in the auto industry, such as hybrid engines and safety equipment. With these technologies in the trucking industry, truck drivers and cargo companies will be safer on the roads, save fuel costs, and meet their deadlines more efficiently. Read on to look at the latest trucking technology.

Hybrid System

Electric engines and hybrid technology has been popular in consumer vehicles for several years. As demand increases for big rigs to become eco-friendlier, this type of technology must be scaled to effectively power these large trucks. Wal-Mart has recently unveiled a hybrid drive system with a lightweight, carbon fiber trailer. Coupled with an aerodynamic design and more cargo space, this type of trucking technology could revolutionize the industry’s energy-reducing efforts.

Platooning System

A platooning system can help reduce collisions, improve truck-to-truck communication, and boost fuel efficiency. Two-truck platooning technology allows trucks to travel closer together—which can reduce drag and fuel consumption—but also reduce the chances of potential collisions.

Highway Pilot System

The Highway Pilot system, created by Daimler Trucks, is similar to an autopilot system. This technology combines various sensors, cameras, and radar to gauge a truck’s immediate surroundings. With the information this technology provides, the truck can safely drive itself. The truck driver can focus on other aspects of his job, such as plotting a route or filling out paperwork.

360-Degree System

Using technology similar to that of the Highway Pilot system, 360-degree technology can help a truck driver avoid collisions and possible mishaps. The 360-degree technology scans the surrounding environment for safety concerns and notifies the driver so he can make appropriate adjustments.

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Have a Healthy Trucking Career with These Tips

Maintaining an active lifestyle and a healthy diet are the keys to a successful trucking career and a healthy life. To learn more tips to a healthy trucking career, continue reading below.

Maintain an Active Lifestyle

When you are sitting in a truck cab for several hours at a time, it is crucial to maintain an active lifestyle. Every opportunity you get, you should engage in some sort of physical exercise. There are several exercises you can do during a short break on the side of the road, such as yoga stretches, pushups, and running in place. Keep your heartrate up every chance you can to keep your body and mind healthy.

Eat a Healthy Diet

In addition to performing various exercises, seek out healthier food options off and on the road. Pack healthier snacks—such as vegetables, nuts, and low-fat dairy products—and avoid fast food restaurants. By choosing healthier options, you will feel more alert, less bloated, and more satisfied during long hours on the road.

Continue a Personal Life

It is important to maintain your personal life while driving. Even if you are gone from home for several days at a time, keep in contact with your friends and family while you are away. Maintaining this contact will help you to feel connected with your home life, prevent depression, and keep your mind active.

Retain Healthy Sleep Patterns

Sleep is one of the most important elements to a healthy lifestyle. However, it may be downplayed in the trucking industry, because clients have strict deadlines and expectations for truck drivers to meet. It is important to retain healthy sleep patterns. Your mental and physical health depend on achieving a healthy amount of sleep.

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