The Steps of Applying for a CDL in Arizona

Before you can start working as a professional truck driver, you have to earn your Arizona CDL. Once you finish your truck driving school program, you will have to apply for your CDL. Keep reading to learn the steps of applying for this license so you can begin the next phase of your career.

Apply for Your License

The first step to attaining your CDL is to complete the application. The application is two pages and asks you about pertinent information that proves you are ready to get your CDL. Make sure you fill out every line so the Department of Transportation can start to process your paperwork.

Prove Your Citizenship

Before you can get your license, you have to prove that you are legally able to work in the United States. You have to submit at least two documents to prove your citizenship, one of which has your photograph. If you do not have any documents with a photo, you can submit three acceptable forms of identification. You must bring in original documents that are written in English and certified by the agency that issued them.

Bring Identification and Proof of Age

You also have to provide a government-issued ID and something that has proof of your age. It is imperative to bring in two forms of identification and at least one has to have your picture. The Arizona Department of Transportation must also verify your social security number.

Proof of Residence

In order to obtain your CDL in the state of Arizona, you have to prove that you reside there. This means that Arizona must be your permanent home and principal residence.

Start your journey toward your CDL by applying for the program at the HDS Trucking Driving Institute. We make it easy to learn the information and the skills you need to earn your license. For more information on our program and financial aid opportunities, visit us online or call 1-877-205-2141.


Conducting a Pre-Trip Inspection for Your CDL Test

Once you have completed your program in truck driving school, you have to pass your CDL test before you can officially start to work as a driver. Use the following tips to conduct a thorough and successful pre-trip inspection that will help you make a good impression on the day of your test.

Look at the Entire Truck

You should spend some time inspecting the entire truck to ensure that everything is in working order. This overall safety check lets you know the vehicle is ready for use and feel confident that it will not cause any unexpected problems that could lead to hazardous driving situations. Look at the tires, the headlights, the taillights, the mirrors, and the windshields.

Make Sure the Parts Are in Order

You should also look at all of the important hoses to make sure there are no holes or other problems that could cause an operating issue. Look on the ground for signs of any leaks. You should also check out all of the belts to see if they are all still snug and in the best condition.

Check on the Driving Functions

It is also important to spend some time going over the clutch, the gearshift, the brake, and the accelerator to make sure there are no problems that might make it dangerous to drive. You should also look at the oil pressure gauge and the steering functions. Take some time to see if there is any emergency equipment on board. This equipment should include electrical fuses, reflective triangles, and a fire extinguisher.

This pre-trip inspection and the skills you learn at HDS Truck Driving Institute can prepare you for a long and fulfilling career as a truck driver. Our classes and instructors are here to teach you all of the information and the skills that you need to obtain your CDL in minimal time. To learn more about our programs or how to apply, visit us online or call 1-877-205-2141.

The Advantages of Using Synthetic Oil

While you are learning the ins and outs of the industry in truck driving school, it is important to pick up some operating tips that will help you on the road. Keep reading to find out why you should consider using synthetic oil as you start to work as a professional driver.

Less Wear and Tear

When you use a quality product like synthetic oil, you do not have to spend as much on maintenance costs for your truck. If you make the effort to fill your truck with the best products, it helps you get the most out of your fuel mileage so you do not have to spend as much to fuel the vehicle. Taking care of your vehicle helps you get the most out of every mile.

Increased Resistance to Temperature Changes

Another benefit of opting for synthetic oil is its ability to withstand a wide range of temperatures. Although regular oil tends to perform well in milder weather, the synthetic will get you the best results throughout the year. If you drive across the country, you will probably experience a wide range of temperatures. The best way to handle these different temperatures is to use synthetic oil that performs well in every kind of weather.

The Best Performance

Synthetic oils are specifically designed to give you the best performance in your vehicle. If you want to start improving your fuel mileage and spend less time repairing your truck, you might want to think about flushing your system and changing it out with synthetic oil that will help you get the optimal performance so you can do the best at your job.

Learn more about maintaining your vehicle at HDS Truck Driving Institute. With one of the best truck driving schools in Tucson, we make it easy to learn all the skills you need to pass your CDL. For more information about our programs or how to apply, visit us online or call 1-877-205-2141.



Getting Started as a Professional Truck Driver

If you are looking for a career with plenty of job opportunities, you might want to think about becoming a professional truck driver. Keep reading for some tips that can get you started in the industry and on the path toward a job that you love.

Find a Quality CDL School

Before you can start looking for work, you have to apply to a truck driving school that will get you qualified to obtain your CDL. You should only look at schools with full accreditation to ensure that you can use your education for any kind of job. The best programs are those that have the experience and the resources to produce desirable drivers that a lot of companies want to hire.

Give Yourself Time to Get Used to Driving a Truck

You will get some practice driving while you are in school, but it will probably take a while before you feel truly comfortable behind the wheel of a commercial truck. Once you graduate and obtain your CDL, you should start off with smaller jobs that do not require as much driving so you have the time to really adapt to the road.

Remember to Rest

In the beginning of your career when you are trying to impress your new bosses, you might try to drive even when you start to get tired. If you drive a commercial truck, though, it is extremely important to take a break when you are tired. Driving while you are drowsy can lead to dangerous situations that put you and other vehicles at risk. If you are feeling tired, you should take the time to rest.

When you are ready to jump into the professional truck driving field, sign up for the driving school at Arizona’s HDS Truck Driving Institute. Since 1991, we have provided a quality program to help people in Tucson achieve their career goals. To learn more about our program or how to apply, call 1-877-205-2141.

Sharing the Road as a Commercial Truck Driver

Operating your own vehicle is only a small part of working as a professional truck driver. Once you start actually driving on the highway, you will need to figure out how to share the road safely with other drivers. Keep reading to learn more about your role in driving safely with other vehicles.

Signal Early

A commercial truck takes up a lot of space. If you want to be a conscientious driver, it is important to signal early to alert others of your plans to turn or change lanes. When you signal early, it helps other people alter their own driving to make room for you in the lane.

Avoid Tailgating

It is very dangerous to tailgate when you are driving a commercial vehicle. Trucks are big and heavy, which means they take more time to stop than smaller cars. If you tailgate, you might not have the braking distance you need to stop in time. Leave at a least a few car lengths in between you and the vehicle in front of you to avoid this issue.

Be Aware of Your Blind Spots

With a long trailer attached to your cab, you will have a lot of blind spots as a commercial truck driver. Make an effort to be aware of these areas by checking your side mirrors once every 10 seconds. You should also try to minimize changing lanes as much as possible.

Use Flashers and Flares

If you have to pull over for any reason, it is important to use flashers, reflective triangles, and road flares so other drivers can see you. Even if you pull over doing the day, you should still take these safety precautions.

Enroll at HDS Truck Driving Institute to learn more about driving a truck so you can prepare for your CDL exam. Our programs are designed to help you become the best and safest driver you can be. To learn more, visit us online or call 1-877-205-2141.

What Are Some Job Opportunities for Commercial Truckers?

When you spend the time in truck driving school, you are giving yourself the opportunity to find a rewarding job in a field that is always looking for new people. Keep reading to learn about some of the amazing job opportunities that are available for commercial drivers.

Over-the-Road Jobs

These kinds of CDL jobs take you across the highways of the United States. It will be your responsibility to transport products in a commercial truck. Most off-the-road jobs require you to drive through 48 states and keep you on the road for about 3-4 weeks at a time. If you like staying on the road for long stretches, you might want to think about accepting some over-the-road jobs.

Solo Jobs

There are plenty of solo driving opportunities that help you enjoy some quality time on the open road with just yourself. If you do not like working with others, this kind of driving opportunity might be the best option for you.

Team Jobs

The commercial trucking industry also has plenty of team driving opportunities. This enables you to switch off driving responsibilities so you can go farther with fewer stops. It also gives you some company on the long patches of highway.

Regional Jobs

If you do not want to go far from your home base, you can look into some regional jobs. These positions usually only take you within a few hundred miles of a specific area. You can expect to be traveling these smaller routes for about 2-3 weeks at a time.

Trainer Jobs

Once you get some experience working as a truck driver, you can start to work as a trainer. If you want to show other people the ropes of working in the industry, you should think about becoming a trainer.

No matter what kind of commercial trucking job you want, HDS Truck Driving Institute can help you get it. Our classes are designed to teach you everything you need to know to obtain your CDL in Tucson. To learn more, visit us online or call 1-877-205-2141.