Types of Road Hazards Truckers Should Look Out For

Even the best drivers are susceptible to certain road hazards that could lead to a dangerous situation. If you are interested in attending truck-driving school, it is important to understand the different types of hazards you might encounter while on the road so you are always prepared for anything you might encounter:


Whether you are driving after a bad storm or a bad accident, road debris can create a huge hazard for truck drivers and the vehicles around them. Garbage, the remnants of a blown-out tire, or even road kill could create a potentially dangerous situation on the road. When driving a truck, it is important to pay attention to what is in front of your vehicle so you have a chance to spot debris early and find a way to avoid it.

Bad Road Conditions

Potholes and other bad road conditions like uneven lanes are major driving hazards. Unfortunately, it is often hard to see these hazards until you are right on top of them. Try to abide by the speed limit and pay attention to other drivers to do what you can to avoid hazards like these.


Trucks are wide, heavy vehicles that are difficult to maneuver quickly. Pedestrians, children, and even animals are huge potential hazards for truck drivers. If you are driving near any pedestrians or children, you should slow down so you have time to react if they suddenly move in front of your vehicle. Although it might be your instinct to swerve to avoid animals, that action might lead to a serious accident.

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