Is Truck Driving the Career for You?

Virtually every industry relies on over the road drivers to transport food, parts, machinery, and other goods. Truck driving can be a rewarding career path for those who put in the time and effort, but life on the road isn’t for everyone. It’s important to know the professional responsibilities of truck drivers in order to make an informed decision. Below is a brief look at some of the pros and cons of working as a truck driver.


Truck driving is one of the few careers that can offer $40,000 per year or more with only a few weeks’ training. CDL training at HDL can be completed in as little as four weeks. A CDL license can provide you with the opportunity to see the far corners of the nation while getting paid. Depending on your professional priorities, it may also be possible to work locally and come home every night after putting in time as an over the road (OTR) operator. A CDL license doesn’t anchor you to life as a truck driver, but it can open up further career possibilities.


Rookie drivers typically start their first year as long haul drivers, working for several days at a time and getting several days off in between jobs. Also keep in mind that statistically the roads are very dangerous, and that commercial drivers have to be prepared to handle a wide range of road conditions. Scheduling can be initially problematic for drivers who want to start out close to home.

The HDL Truck Driving Institute has been a trusted CDL school in Tucson for more than 20 years, and our staff of experienced instructors are here to provide you with the instruction and real-world training to build a successful career in a high-demand field. To request more information, contact us online or call (877) 205-2141 today.

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