Staying Healthy While on the Road

Driving a truck gives you the opportunity to see large portions of the country as a part of your job. Spending long hours in a vehicle makes it more difficult to abide by healthy, habits, though. Use these tips to help ensure that you can be healthy on the road.

Fixing A Growing Problem

A 2014 study found that as many as 60 percent of long-haul truck drivers are obese. 17 percent of these obese drivers are morbidly obese. This weight statistics mean that a lot of truck drivers are at a higher risk for serious health issues like heart attack, diabetes, and stroke. With the proper attitude and the right habits, though, you can stay healthy while on the road.

Finding Ways to Exercise on the Road

It is important to find at least 15 minutes for exercise every single day. You do not have to go to a gym to increase your heart rate and to get your blood pumping. If you are only working out for a short amount of time, you should aim for high-energy workouts during which you maintain a maximum heart rate of 75-85 percent. You can do this by working multiple muscle groups simultaneously. You might want to bring some free weights into the truck with you so you can do a short workout at a truck stop.

Make an Effort to Eat Healthy

You should make an effort to eat after you exercise to help your body build muscle so it burns more fat. Eat breakfast every day and try to eat every three hours. Truckers have notoriously slow metabolism and maintaining a regular eating schedule can help you speed it up. Since it is hard to find healthy food at truck stops, you might want to pack snacks such as nuts, fruits, vegetables, and protein shakes. Try to avoid fatty, processed foods.

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