Tips for Driving through Mountainous Terrain

When you enroll in truck driving school to earn your CDL, you will learn the fundamentals that you need to know when you operate a larger vehicle. This guide helps you gain some preliminary knowledge about how to safely maneuver mountain roads in a truck.

Do Some Research

There is plenty of information available about mountain roads. If you know the route that you plan to take, you can look up information about the mountains to learn about the steepness of the trail, how many lanes you can expect throughout the trip, and whether or not there are any escape lanes along the way. Depending on the weight of your load, you can determine if you need to plan for an alternate route.

Get Your Truck Serviced Before You Go

If you know that you will be driving through the mountains, you should make some time to get your truck serviced before you leave. It is important that your brakes, windshield wipers, defroster, heater, and exhaust systems are all in working order. You should also check on the brake and transmission fluids and the tread of the tires. When your vehicle is in top condition, it will be much easier and safer to navigate the mountain roads.

Do Not Hug the Line

Some drivers have the tendency to stay too close to the center line when traveling on mountain roads. These roads tend to be narrower than regular highways, which makes some drivers nervous. Driving along the center line can be more dangerous, however, especially if drivers on the other side of the road are doing the same.

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