Essential Guidelines for Staying Safe on the Roads

As a trucker, your career involves certain risks associated with traveling on roadways. Whether you encounter distracted drivers, hazardous conditions, or fatigue, it’s important to keep your safety in mind at all times while driving your truck. Following a few essential safety guidelines will ensure that you have a safe and successful trucking career. Avoid … Continue reading “Essential Guidelines for Staying Safe on the Roads”

A Look at Proposed Fuel-Efficiency Standard Changes for Truckers

Fuel efficiency holds many benefits for truck drivers, trucking companies, and the environment alike. New regulations, ordered by President Obama this February and set to be drafted by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Transportation Department within one year, will reduce the amount of greenhouse gases generated by the trucking industry. This important change is … Continue reading “A Look at Proposed Fuel-Efficiency Standard Changes for Truckers”

How Do I Pay For Trucking School?

If you’re thinking of switching careers, you might consider earning your CDL and becoming a professional truck driver. You’ll find that truck driving school can be exciting and rewarding. However, you may have a difficult time paying for trucking school while supporting your family. Fortunately, there are several ways you can pay for your truck … Continue reading “How Do I Pay For Trucking School?”

Arizona Trucker Salary Report

If you’ve grown tired of your current career, you might consider going back to school and learning a new trade. Before you devote valuable time and energy to beginning a new career, however, you want to make sure that the industry you’re switching into will provide you and your family with a good living. Fortunately, … Continue reading “Arizona Trucker Salary Report”