A Look at Semi Truck Drivers’ Salary

Semi truck drivers operate vehicles over 26,000 lbs in weight. Most semi truck drivers are long-haul drivers working for spans of many days at one time before spending one to two days off at home. Semi truck drivers play an integral role in the U.S. trucking industry, providing transportation of both raw materials and consumer goods.

Semi Truck Driving Wages

In 2013, there were more than one million semi truck drivers employed in the United States. The mean hourly wage for semi truck drivers was $19.68, resulting in a mean yearly salary of $40,940. However, both hourly wage and annual salary are dependent upon a number of factors, including experience, miles driven, and home state. Hourly wages for a semi truck driver range from $12.18 to $28.66 throughout the U.S., while annual salaries can range from $25,330 to $59,620.

Semi Truck Driving Employment Information

As of 2013, the states with the highest number of employed semi truck drivers were Texas, California, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Illinois. Annual wages in these states ranged from $36,400 in Florida to $45,040 in Illinois. However, the top paying states for semi truck drivers were Alaska, North Dakota, Massachusetts, Wyoming, and the District of Columbia. Of these states, Alaska’s annual wage was highest at $53,440. In 2011, most semi truck drivers are employed with general freight trucking companies, with salaries averaging $41,250 per year. The highest-paying semi trucking jobs are currently express delivery positions, which provided average salaries of $56,830 per year in 2011. The second most highly-paid semi truck drivers in 2011 were those who worked for aerospace corporations; the annual salary for these drivers in 2011 was $56,350.The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the current trend of growth in the trucking industry will continue to grow through the year 2022.

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