Exploring Some of the Most Adventurous Trucking Jobs in the World

When you are seeking an exciting career change, you may want to consider attending truck driving school and getting your CDL. With a CDL qualification, you will be eligible for many of the thrilling and adventurous positions that your local trucking company has available. As a commercial truck driver, you will be able to enjoy the thrills of the open road. Read on for an overview of some of the most adventurous jobs that the truck industry has to offer.

Ice Road Trucking

Ice road trucking is legendary for its incredible thrills. In fact, ice road truckers in Alaska were featured on their own television series. For those drivers who transport goods along the famed northern ice roads, each delivery is an adventure. During an ice road trucking job, drivers may face extremely cold temperatures, truck maintenance issues, and unpredictable weather conditions.

House Moving

Another popular trucking job that is sure to satisfy anyone’s sense of adventure is house moving. Some of the largest commercial trucks are powerful enough to move entire homes in a single load. In order to drive a full sized house down the highway, a trucker must be extremely safe, cautious, and familiar with his or her equipment. In addition, the house must be properly marked and labeled as an oversized load.

Chemical Trucking

Many of the chemicals that are used in industries around the nation are transported by commercial truck drivers. Since chemicals can pose safety hazards to truckers and other motorists on the road, it is of the utmost importance that these types of deliveries are handled with extreme caution. In order to transport hazardous goods, a truck driver must complete an additional set of certifications.
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