How to Prevent Boredom on Road Trip

Being a long-haul trucker is certainly a lucrative career, but it’s not necessarily the most exciting on long stretches of country roads. Unfortunately, the lack of simulation on the road often leads to drowsiness, which is one of the leading causes of trucking accidents each year. You’ll learn how to drive a truck by enrolling in CDL school, but you can learn how to keep yourself entertained once you get behind the wheel by reading this article.  

Listen to Something

There are so many ways for drivers to keep themselves entertained these days. Podcasts, audiobooks, and satellite radio open up a world of stories and opinions that can keep you engaged, alert, and entertained. The same can be said for streaming music services that let you listen to all of your favorite songs without having to lug binders of CDs in the truck or play with the radio dial trying to find something decent to listen to.

Practice Mindfulness

Truck drivers spend a lot of time alone on the road, so one good way to actively pass the time is to do some thinking. We don’t mean “space out” or daydream by any stretch, but while you are driving, keep your mind engaged on the road and think about some of the questions or problems you’ve had lately. You’ll be surprised with the kinds of answers and solutions you can come up with when you have hours to think by yourself.  

Bring a Partner

Lots of truck drivers bring partners along for the ride to keep them company. Some couples even tandem drive, which means one partner drives the truck while the other one rests and then they switch off. This means more miles in half the time, and, if you are driving with your husband or wife, it can be as good as a vacation—a vacation that pays great money.
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