Questions to Ask During a Trucking School Open House

The best way to get to know what a trucking school is all about is to visit an open house and take the full tour. Find out exactly how the school will help you not only get your career started, but help you advance it in the future as well. And since you’re already at the open house, feel free to check out the trucks. Here are the questions you should ask during a trucking school open house.

Will this school help me earn my CDL?
The purpose of going to a trucking school is to learn what you need to know about the industry, so you can prepare to get a job. Before you can get a trucking or any other commercial driving job, you need to earn your commercial driver’s license. One of the first questions you ask should be about what the school will do to help you prepare for your test and earn your license.

Do you have networking connections I can use in the future?
Some truck driving schools simply prepare you for your CDL and then send you on your way, but others will continue to keep in contact. At the open house, find out if school will offer network connections that you can use to advance your career. It still matters who you know, even for excellent drivers, so choose a school with a real community.

Can I see the trucks right now?
If you think you want to be a truck driver, you should take the first chance you get to look at a commercial vehicle inside and out. Assuming there are no extenuating circumstances, you should be able to have some hands-on time with a truck.

Feel free to come to our next open house at Yuma Truck Driving School and ask us any questions you’d like about the trucking industry or our school in particular. Check out our website and learn what to expect, or call us at (888) 647-3239 today.