Regional Slang to Know When You Travel for a Living

A career as a truck driver can take you just about anywhere, and there’s plenty of truck-related lingo you need to learn to communicate effectively on the road. However, there is also some interesting verbiage that people use in exclusive parts of the USA that might throw you off. Here’s a look at some regional slang to know when you travel for a living.

No matter where in America you live, you’ve probably heard the phrase “y’all” before, even if it’s not so common around your parts. This contraction of “you” and “all” actually takes many different forms throughout the country, and in Pittsburgh, PA, the word of choice is “yinz”. It means the same thing as the other phrases, but it’s probably more like “you ones”. This unique adaptation of the phrase is only common in Pittsburgh because of the accent.

Combining New Jersey and Italian accents is how we got the word “Gabagool”. Now this seems like a bit of a stretch, but the word is actually “Capicola”, a pork cold cut. The New Jersey Italian accent take on it gives it quite a different sound, which is not out of character. This accent is also responsible for transforming “mozzarella” into “moozadell” and “prosciutto” into “prazhoot”.

Once you realize what the word “doodinkus” means, you’ll probably think of several alternatives off of the top of your head. Doodinkus is synonymous with “doodad” or “thingamabob”, and it’s just another word to essentially describe a “thing”.

You’d be surprised at the odd words and phrases you’ll hear as a professional truck driver, but now you have some examples of what to expect. The Yuma Truck Driving School is happy to prepare you for your CDL and your career in the industry, and you can call us at (888) 647-3239 if you have any questions.