Ways to Keep Your Caffeine Consumption in Check on the Road

Drivers spend long hours on the road every day, and sometimes they look to beverages like coffee and energy drinks for a little boost. Workers in all industries rely on these crutches to keep themselves alert and awake, but the crash can be especially dangerous for commercial drivers. Here are some ways to keep your caffeine consumption in check on the road.

Take Notes
When you’re accustomed to banking on a certain kind of beverage, stimulant, or ritual of any kind to get you to stay awake, you should keep track of how much you’re relying on these crutches. It’s common among Americans to start the day off with a cup of coffee—or in some cases much more than that—to get enough energy to stay awake throughout the workday. Take note of how much caffeine you’ve been consuming, how often you consume caffeinated beverages, and what this could be doing to your mental state.

Natural endorphins improve our mood and physical health without harming our bodies, and exercise is a perfect example. Exercise of any kind can give you the endorphins and energy you need to stay awake while only having positive effects on your body and mind. You might not have the time to stop at a gym or attend a yoga class while you’re on the road, but even running around a truck stop can increase your heart rate and give you the wakeup you were looking for.

Get Out of the Habit
Quitting caffeine entirely would be ideal as a driver, just because you’d never have to deal with the crash. Of course, caffeine consumption is not an easy habit to break. Try carefully weaning yourself off caffeine and changing your diet.

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