Types of Trucking Jobs

When you make the decision to attend truck-driving school, you open yourself up to a whole new set of career possibilities. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of trucking jobs for which you can apply when you get your CDL.

Pulling a Dry Van

New drivers tend to start out by pulling a dry van. This type of truck uses a 53-foot trailer to haul dry goods. These jobs are easy and do not require a higher level of skill, which means they usually fall at the bottom of the pay scale.

Pulling or Hauling Refrigerated Freight

It is considered more difficult to haul trailers with perishable items that must be refrigerated. Not only must a trucker haul these goods, but he or she must also ensure that the freight stays at a certain temperature. Jobs that entail hauling refrigerated freight tend to pay more.

Hauling Flat Bed Loads

When freight does not fit easily into a trailer, it is often transported on a flat bed. Drivers handling flat bed loads are often responsible for driving airplanes, scaffolding, and other large loads that must be securely tied to the bed. Drivers who handle flat bed loads often have more work and more pay than they get with other kinds of jobs.

Driving Tankers

Although most people think tankers are primarily used for gasoline, they can hail any kind of liquid. When you drive a tanker, you are responsible for transporting liquids like milk, chemicals, and gases. Because some loads might be dangerous, truckers must receive special training before they can drive tankers.

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