How the Trucking Industry Has Changed Over the Decades

When you are seeking a great new career opportunity, you may want to consider studying for your CDL exam and becoming a commercial truck driver. After you enroll at a truck driving school, you will receive the personalized instruction you need to thrive in a truck driving career. Today, there are more truck driving opportunities than ever before. To highlight the benefits of becoming a truck driver, here is a look at how the trucking industry has changed over the decades.

The Origins of Commercial Trucking

The modern trucking industry can trace its roots back to the early 1900s, when the first commercial trucks began carrying goods from town to town. These early trucks were equipped with solid rubber tires and electric lighting systems. By 1910, it is estimated that a fleet of 10,000 trucks were in use around the United States.

Rules and Regulations for Commercial Trucks

As the trucking industry grew, so did the need to regulate the safety of commercial truck drivers. For this reason the 1935 Motor Carrier Act was passed. This Act resulted in the paving of thousands of roads across the country. These roads were able to connect cities and towns, making commercial transportation easer.

The Birth of Modern Trucking

By the 1950s, commercial trucks began to resemble the trucks that we know today. After the Motor Carrier Act was passed, commercial trucks were able to travel on inflated, rather than solid rubber tires. From the 1950s to the present day, commercial trucking has continued to grow and expand.

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