Stay Updated on the Newest Pieces of Trucking Technology

New advances in technology continue to change the way every industry operates, and it’s come up with a lot to offer truck drivers. New techniques and equipment like platooning, telematics and fleet management aim to make the roads safer and more efficient. Read on and stay updated on the newest pieces of trucking technology.


The word “platooning” has a few uses, and in the context of trucking, it refers to several commercial vehicles driving in a single file line. Each vehicle is equipped with technology that allows them to communicate with each other at all times. All trucks behind the leader will automatically brake at the same time, reducing the risk of collisions between them. Platooning keeps trucks close together so they don’t take up too much space, which helps with the flow of traffic.


You need to know what’s going on with your fleet at all times, and technology is making it easier every year. When you integrate GPS with technology like computers and mobile phones, you can monitor each one of your vehicles whenever you want to. Each truck sends information regarding where it is, how fast it’s going, and what condition it’s in. That lets you check up on any part of your fleet to make sure your business is running as productively as possible. Customer service will benefit, and unauthorized vehicle use will subside.

Fleet Management

Truck drivers have always had to keep track of their record of duty status, but now electronic logging devices can do it automatically. This reduces the chances of recording mistakes due to human error and improves organization.

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