Exploring Your Options After Exiting the Military

Even if you haven’t been in the military for a long time, you might feel a bit different when you come home. You’ll have to reintegrate into civilian society, and part of that means finding a fulfilling job. For many veterans, this means earning a commercial driver’s license and looking for a job as a truck driver.

Going to Trucking School

Many veterans decide to go back to school when they return home from the military. If you want to go back to school and learn skills and information that you can apply almost immediately, look into trucking schools. There you can learn what you need to know to earn your CDL, or commercial driver’s license, which will come in handy when you take the necessary tests. You may also make connections that can help you throughout your career.

Earning Your CDL

Some people have a bit more of a straight shot to earning a commercial driver’s license than others. If you drove a truck in the military for two or more years, you might not need to take the full test. You may qualify for a veteran skills test waiver if the vehicle you drove for the military is similar enough to a commercial motor vehicle. Whether you qualify for this waiver or not, you will also have to pass a knowledge test.

Joining the Trucking Industry

With your new CDL in hand, you can start considering trucking jobs. This career path is great for military veterans because it offers freedom, flexibility, and the opportunity to spend your days traveling. Truckers also enjoy a decent salary and job security on the road.

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