Fitness Tips for Life on the Road

77739405As a truck driver, much of your daily work is done behind the wheel of your truck. However, long hours spent sitting can also be associated with certain health concerns, including back pain, heart disease, and even sleep disorders. The best way to avoid the risks of sitting too much is to maintain your fitness while on the road—keep reading for a few simple tips you can use to enjoy better health, flexibility, and alertness throughout your trucking career.

Go for Walks

Studies have shown that the best way to negate hours of sitting is to break up that time with periodic activity. Take a five-minute walk as often as possible, such as when you stop for food or gas. You don’t need a destination—simply stroll around the parking lot or take a moment to inspect your truck and trailer before getting back on the road. Getting up to take several short walks throughout the day is the best way to restore blood flow and improve muscle and brain activity after sitting, which offers benefits during the current day as you drive, and well into the future.

Tone Your Muscles

Even if you’ll be spending multiple days on the road, you can take some time to tone your muscles every night when you stop to sleep. There are a variety of simple exercises you can perform to improve muscular strength, either inside the cab of your truck or just outside the door. Taking a few minutes out of your day to complete pushups, lunges, jumping jacks, and chest presses will not only help to tone your muscles, it will improve bone density and circulation, and even help to promote deeper, more restful sleep each night.
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