Advice for Balancing Family Life and Your Truck Driving Schedule

Life as a trucker can sometimes mean long hours spent away from home while on the road. Even so, many truckers successfully manage their family and work schedules. Take a look through this article for some tips you can follow throughout your career.

Stay In Touch

Although you may be out on the road, there are many ways for truck drivers to stay in touch with their families. Cell phones, laptops, and tablets allow you to speak with your spouse and children in real time, and many truck stops offer free WiFi service. Scheduling a time to contact your family when you are off duty each day is a great way to keep in touch and remain an active part of their lives, even when you aren’t at home.

Include Your Children

Take the opportunity to include your children in your truck driving career while at home. Teach them about truck maintenance and allow them to help you with appropriate tasks, such as checking tire pressure or packing a safety kit. Children can also help you plan your trucking route before you set off. These simple actions will show your children that you care about including them in your life and help you to think of them while on the road as well.

Spend Time with Your Spouse

When you are at home, make an effort to spend time with your spouse. Whether you plan a romantic dinner out at a nice restaurant or spend the night in with a movie, this time together is important. Even small, simple gestures, such as breakfast in bed before you head out to work, can go a long way toward reminding you both of the importance and strength in your relationship.

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