Your Crash Course in Trucker Lingo

The trucking industry lingo isn’t always so intuitive, so you should know what it all means before you enter your first job. Knowing terms like CDL, brake check, and even the more obscure alligator will ensure that you have an easier time on the road. Keep reading for your crash course in trucker lingo.

You’ll have to earn your CDL before you apply for a job in the trucking industry, so it’s one of the first terms you should know if you decide this is the career path for you. CDL stands for commercial driver’s license. You need to earn one before you can be eligible for a commercial driving job, and it’s a good idea to start out at a CDL school. Every applicant needs to have had a standard driver’s license for a year prior to applying, and they need to pass both written and practical tests in order to earn their full CDLs.

Brake Check
You might think it means that you need to check your brakes, but “brake check” in trucker lingo can refer to a traffic issue. If you hear it over the radio, get ready to slow down or stop due to a traffic tie-up on your route.

One of the more obscure trucking terms, “alligator” refers to tire debris on the road. Tires and tire debris blow off all the time but running over an “alligator” can do serious damage to your rig. They can damage your tires or bounce up and hit another part of your vehicle, and in some cases they’ll even projectile towards another vehicle. If you hear “alligator” on the radio, you know there’s something to avoid.

You know some of the lingo now, so consider calling Yuma Truck Driving School at (888) 647-3239 to kick start your career in the truck driving industry. Look at our website to see how our truck driving school can help you land the job of your dreams.