Advice for New Truck Drivers

Beginning a career as a truck driver is an exciting time. Once you’ve finished your CDL training, it’s time to take to the road as you follow your dream. Keeping a few tips in mind as you begin your career can help you stay safe and achieve success throughout your time as a truck driver.

Drive Safely

The top tip from experienced truck drivers is to always drive safely. It can be easy to feel hurried, anxious, or even angry at other drivers on the road. However, failing to drive safely won’t get you to your destination any faster and it will instead put your life and the lives of others at risk. Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you—tailgating doesn’t save time and it poses a serious hazard if you need to make a sudden stop. Always use your indicators when making a lane change, turn, or when exiting the highway. Remember that your truck takes longer to stop and needs more space to make turns than other vehicles and always plan accordingly.

Don’t Forget Your Health

Driving a truck doesn’t mean you need to compromise your health. Start by getting enough sleep each night—plan your routes so you’ll know when and where you’re going to stop and sleep. A regular sleeping schedule can drastically improve your overall mood, health, and alertness on the road, which is an important safety consideration. Pack your own snacks and meals to avoid the temptation of fast food while on the road and keep plenty of water or tea handy to quench your thirst. Every time you make a stop, get out and take a short walk to keep your heart, muscles, and joints in good shape.

Becoming a truck driver is easier and more convenient than ever when you enroll in HDS Truck Driving Institute of Tucson. You can graduate in as little as four weeks when you take part in our day, evening, or weekend CDL classes. To reach us for more information, call (877) 205-2141 or use our online contact form.